Domestic Hot Water Solar Thermal Stores

Daikin domestic hot water tanks provide you with hot water of the highest quality because Daikin takes water hygiene very seriously.



A Daikin hot water storage tank provides you with hot water at any time, in line with the latest water hygiene requirements.


Heat loss is reduced to a minimum thanks to the high quality insulation.


If you combine our water heaters with our thermal solar collectors, you can use the free power of the sun highly effectively.

The anti-legionella hot water tank

The structure of the hot water tank ensures optimum water hygiene since the water to be heated is carried in a pipe system. 
Deposits of sludge, rust, sediments and even the generation of dangerous legionella bacteria which can arise in large volume tanks are not possible. 

Unpressurised thermal hot water

The solar collectors only fill with water when the sun is hot enough. The collector takes less that a minute to fill, and when it has, one of the pumps switches off and the other pump keeps the water circulating.

Pressurised solar powered system

If you need it, we can also supply a pressurised thermal hot water system. This system is filled with a heat transfer fluid which contains the correct amount of antifreeze to prevent it from freezing in the winter. The whole system is then pressurised and sealed for your safety.