Aircon Installations

We can organise it all for you

Ambientair will be there for you from conception to installation and onwards with your servicing, we will continue our relationship with you for as long as you want. We have the personnel and structure to install your new system and to implement a service timetable for you, we will remind you when your next service is due and arrange it to suit you. If you already have an installtion we strongly recommend regular servicing to ensure its continued effectiveness for you and your lifestyle.

If you need an air conditioning system for a larger room or have more technicial requirements (such as a server room or nursery), then we can help. We will help you to size the room and offer you a choice of systems and locations to ensure the most efficient system for your needs.

We support you through the process, explain what each product does and what the benefits are. You can then pick the right system for you with the knowledge that you have chosen wisely.

Air conditioning does so much more than simply cooling the air; it offers the perfect balance of temperature, fresh air and humidity, even purifying the air, so that you can enjoy the perfect comfort levels all year around. However rising energy prices and ever growing concerns about the environment mean that air conditioning must be highly energy efficient too. Our air conditioning heat pump systems offer a complete all-in-one solution for superior performance and energy efficiency, to protect the environment in which you live.


It's more important than ever for air conditioning to be as efficient as possible due to increasing energy costs. Our heat pump air conditioners are as energy smart as they are stylish, with room-specific controls providing weekly scheduling and presence sensors to reduce energy consumption when nobody is at home.


The systems we install have won several design awards for its stylish indoor units. We offer a wide range of wall mounted, floor standing and concealed ceiling units to suit any interior. The units are almost unnoticed in operation, maintaining the perfect living conditions.


Versatile heat pump air conditioners are ideal, whether you are renovating your home or involved in a new build project. Whatever the age of your property, you can depend on our heat pump air conditioning solutions to last for many years to come, providing reliable service whatever the weather.

Optimise your living conditions:

Optimise energy efficiency and comfort levels in your new home with a versatile air conditioning heat pump system.

The Daikin Altherma air source heat pump is a highly flexible, energy efficient system that transforms available renewable energy from the solar heated outside air into usable heat for home heating and hot water. Because of its advanced technology, over two thirds of the heat generated by Daikin Altherma is free of charge!

Daikin Altherma operates on low carbon technology; the pump does use electricity but even without the use of green electricity the carbon emissions are still much lower than a fossil fuel based boiler.

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